Picture of Desiree Townsend

Our Vision + Mission

Bold + Brave Today exists to help people live fuller, longer lives.
Through sharing our transformative journey as a bariatric couple and family, Chuck and Desiree Townsend aim to be the go-to resource for anyone considering the bariatric journey. They will help end the stigma associated with weight loss surgery by being honest, compassionate, supportive, truthful, and welcoming with their readers.
They will do all this with humor, transparency, and honesty about their journey.

Chuck + Desiree Townsend

Chuck and Desiree Townsend and love to share their experience with people who are considering bariatric surgery as a viable weight loss option.
Desiree believes in: being kind, working hard, developing stable values, staying down-to-earth, and being accessible. Her voice is friendly, humble, honest and practical.
Chuck . . . is an enigma for now. Someday, he’ll have a short bio listed here.

Commercial Partnerships

Chuck and Desiree are open to partnering with brands they love and trust. If you represent a brand or an agency, you can reach The Townsends by writing hello@boldandbrave.today. More information can be found on the Partnership page.